• Why Signature Marketing Can be Crucial for a Small Business Owner

    New innovations are introduced in the marketing world at a pace that is becoming very difficult to keep up with. A stunning example of this kind of development is the introduction of email marketing, which uses an email signature to attract a bigger audience to a business.

    To further the information in the recent study showed that the average number of email users globally is around 3.7 billion. A country such as the United States has more than 233 million and, this number is set to increase to more than 255 million by 2020.

    The above statistic proves that the email marketing channel is expanding. Many successful businesses are beginning to use the marketing tools such as email signatures in their strategy and, so far the results have been productive. Therefore, a startup business should start using email marketing to grow.

    Understanding an email signature

    Marketing can be quite tricky without a well-thought-out plan. However, it is impossible to stick to the initial blueprint for expansion because there will always be a new technology that will change the trajectory of marketing.

    As new trends arise, the best way to keep up is to adopt and effectively implement them. Email signatures are not exceptions to the rule. Email signatures are designed to attract an email user to investigate further on a particular business, increasing the chances of a trade.

    Additionally, the email address block should include the following information:

    • Company or business full name,
    • Important contact information,
    • A small business owner address,
    • Various links to online content,
    • Social media accounts.

    Reasons why the signature marketing is worth pursuing

    Many professionals identify email marketing as a powerful marketing strategy. This tool can be used to handle SEO and content of your site, killing two birds with one stone. Moreover, an email signature eventually helps to improve your search engine rankings. As a result, you will be able to get more exposure for your content leading to the growth of your business.

    So, let’s check the following reasons why any business, especially, small ones can benefit from email marketing:

    1. Cost-effective

    Saving money on its own should be enough to persuade any business to adopt an email signature. The ROI of email marketing is quadruple than social media benchmark. This simply means that any startup adopting this strategy is not risking much at all.

    Email marketing enables you to start small and quickly scale up without breaking the bank. Once the system is stable, running it will become even cheaper allowing you to pay more attention to expanding your business further.

    2. Highlighting promotions

    Email signatures enable a company to easily inform its customers about any new developments. For example a launching of a new product, price reductions, etc. Moreover, promotions usually get people’s attention. If the followers are satisfied with the content, they will proceed to share it and in doing so, increase the overall traffic to your site.

    3. Links

    An exceptional link profile will eventually enable any business to get ahead in SEO. Email marketing highlights your most important material and in turn, will enable more people to pay attention and react to it. Adding links to all your online content is important in order for your business to expand by making it more accessible.

    4. Expanding with social media

    Your social media popularity will depend on your link profile as well. You can then add the links to your various social media accounts to your e-signature. Social media is one of the best places to get a bigger audience for your business. An email signature will allow any individual to visit all of your social media content in one place.

    5. Gaining customer trust

    Email marketing enables you to stay in touch with your followers at regular intervals. Many large businesses use this interaction as an opportunity to get to know what their customers think about the goods or services they provide.

    The feedback is further used to improve the services offered to the customers, and as a surplus improves the company brand. Satisfied customers are more likely to stay with your business and that will also bring you more leads.

    6. Opportunity to get more subscribers

    Once you have successfully started using email marketing, the next step would be to make sure you are consistently growing by giving your audience the ability to subscribe to your regular email, which is another way email marketing can help you get your business a bigger audience.

    Opportunities to subscribe to your content should be added to all of your websites and social media accounts. This way your followers will keep constantly updated on any new products or services. At this stage, knowing the best ways to grow your email list will come in handy.


    The marketing industry is evolving and it will continue to do so. Certain trends will come and go, and in order for any business to survive and thrive in such conditions, it has to stay with the crowd or be ahead of it.

    Email marketing is one of the many trends in the marketing world that all businesses can take advantage of. Sticking to the subject, startups can be a bit difficult to run and develop due to the intense competition in the marketing industry.

    Although this industry is very competitive, there is room for more business if the right tools are incorporated into the development strategy. With marketing tools such as email signatures provided by NEWOLDSTAMP, small businesses also have a good shot at expanding in an already competitive field!

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