• 2013 BBQ & Music Festival

    June 8, 2013 – The 8th Annual 38th &
    Chicago BBQ & Music Festival

    For those who missed it – you REALLY MISSED IT!!!!! Wow!!  We blocked off the 3700 block of Chicago Avenue and the neighborhood came out in full force.  AWESOME is the word that comes to mind.  What an EXTRAORDINARY day.

    We could not have asked for a better day.  The sun was out for a while but the weather was great; not too hot – not too cool.  This was a labor of Love and community building! We had anywhere from 500 – 600 people in the street in South Minneapolis, smiling, laughing, eating, meeting new neighbors with lots of activities to keep them busy and

    We had great musical guest and talented local artists that contributed to the success of the event. Great music was presented all day long. We want to thank the following:

    • Joel Schaan
    • Charmin Michelle & Shapira with Friend
    • DJ Dan Speak – KMOJ
    • The Anchormen (courtesy of Lone D.O.E. Records)
    • The legendary Jimmy “Cornbread” Harris

    To those who went above and beyond the call with Financial contributions to cover permit fees and artist cost, your support made the event a smashing success.  These individuals
    are as follows:

    • Stephen Rocheford, Lavender Magazine  – $200.00
    • Bryant Neighborhood Organization  – $200.00
    • Sunshine Tree Child Development  – $150.00
    • Pillsbury House/Arts on Chicago (Mike Hoyt) – $100.00
    • Becky @ PPNA (connections with artist, meeting space, Sara-checking with stores Re:Specials)
    • Alphonso Paucar – business property owner  – $200 (for food items)

    To those who served “tirelessly” all day from 8am – 3:00pm with set up, serving and clean-up:

    • Mr. Tim Lowe & Harry (TL Graphics, 621 E. 38th Street – New to area)friend of Sunshine Tree
    • K.G. Wilson  (Charez Jones Foundation) resident
    • Shonda Allen & daughter Jazmyn  –  Sunshine Tree
    • Sandra Smith – BNO
    • Vanessa Williamson – “Grill Master” (friend-Monica; children-Alex & Countess)  – Sunshine Tree
    • Alfonso Paucar & his wife (owner of property that houses MiSinaola restaurant)
    • Scott Farrell (Leyla & children) Four Points Body Gallery
    • Nina Soffer – BNO  (permits, Kiddie Jump)
    • Shane Pavlick – BNO
    • Christy Frank – Covet Design  (Pictures, stage, artists)
    • Joe Bailey – Millennium Connect  (sound, DJ, Artists, House of DJ, McGruff)

    Many thanks go out to other individuals who assisted with serving and clean up:

    • Job Corps
    • Susan Niknosuk & daughter Jaliyah  – Sunshine Tree
    • Alphonso Paucar & his wife
    • Darnell Jameson – Sunshine Tree

    We had an extremely wide variety of entertainment:

    • Fire Jugglers (courtesy of Embrace the Light, LLC)
    • Stilt Walkers (courtesy of Embrace the Light, LLC)
    • Kiddie Jump (courtesy of CANDO)
    • FREE – 5 minute massages  (courtesy of Four Points Body Gallery)
    • Face Painting & Temporary Tattoos (Scott Farrell/Four Points Body Gallery)
    • Pedi Cab – Gary Hoover
    • Mobile Puppet Theatre (Arts on Chicago/Pillsbury)
    • Fire Truck  (Minneapolis Fire Dept)
    • Snow Cone Machine (courtesy of Steven Be)
    • Popcorn Machine (Nina Soffer – courtesy of Minneapolis Park Board)
    • Name Plates & other goodies (Heather @ Fire Arts Center)
    • Free Books & Children Games (Sunshine Tree Child Development)
    • McGruff  (Courtesy of Minneapolis Police Dept, worn by Joe Bailey of Millennium connect)
    • Pandas on scooters (H8P Customs/Deyon)
    • Minneapolis Police Department Officers
    • Plant Give away – CANDO

    What an OUTSTANDING DAY!!!  The neighborhood was surprised and excited to see the event unfold.  Residents and businesses came out in full support. Lots of children and families were out on their bikes, walking and connecting with each other.   Individuals gave donations and there was a resounding array of positive comments:

    • When will we do this again?
    • This is Awesome!
    • Everyone is smiling and having a good time!
    • I can’t wait until next year!

    Everyone was smiling, laughing, getting acquainted with new neighbors and visiting the
    businesses in the area. Groups were taking a walk with Wing Young up and down Chicago Avenue viewing pictures posted in businesses from 32nd to 42nd street as part of the Arts on Chicago event.

    Thanks also goes out to all who contributed Food items for the day – we could not have fed the community without your support:

    • Rod @ TOSORO Gas Station (NEW to the BA – 3800 Bloomington Avenue) sodas, water, chips
    • Sam @ CUP Foods – water, 500 hot dogs, buns, ketchup, mustard, relish, fruit, chips, corn-on-the-cob, kiwi, mangos
    • Alfonso Paucar – Fruit, Watermelons (9), apples, grapes, strawberries
    • Super America – Cookies
    • Joe Bailey –  400 Hamburgers
    • Scott Farrell  – Ice for Snow Cones
    • Stephen Rocheford & Karen Notsch – Pickles

    “Specials of the Day” at area businesses:

    • Blue Ox
    • Covet Design – sidewalk Sale
    • Cup Foods – $4 combs #3 – #8 at the Deli
    • Smoke In The Pit – $1.00 off
    • H8P Customs – $10 T-shirts

    Community Organizations represented (with tables)

    Sunshine Tree Child Development                          Central Area Neighborhood Organization

    Job Corps                                                                      Bryant Neighborhood Organization

    Arts on Chicago                                                            PPNA 365

    The Tiny Diner                                                             Charles Curtis

    House of DJ

    On behalf of myself (Evette McDonald-McCarthy, Chair) and all the members of the 38th & Chicago Business Association (38CBA), we want to thank everyone who helped to make this event extremely successful!

    I am grateful, honored and awed at the response and unity that went into preparing and executing this event.  God smiled on our efforts and blessed us with great weather.   I want to thank everyone that participated no matter what your part in the event.  Without you the event would not have been possible. It was a challenge at times but also a pleasure working with and for the community.  Let’s do it again!!

    38th & Chicago Business Association which encompasses, Bryant – Bancroft – Central & Powderhorn; You Rock!!!!!

    Remember – “United We Stand, divided we fall!”

     Evette McDonald-McCarthy, Chair


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