• Hello Everyone,

    The majority of members voted to “Go For It!” and that we did. There was an OUTSTANDING Effort from everyone that came to set up and prepare for the festival but due to the rain and especially high winds we had to cancel the event. We had all the tents in place and all the tables up, then there was a shift in the weather and we chased down tents and grills rolling down Chicago Avenue as the wind tossed us around. We could not continue for the safety of everyone and the equipment that was brought out for the event. A Great Big Thank you to everyone who participated in the set up – Be very proud that you are an Awesome group of individuals that love your neighborhood and you were willing to give it your best effort for the community. I really appreciate your dedication and hard work. Let’s begin the conversation as to what we do next regarding an event, residents and others were saddened by the weather cancellation and want to know if it is possible to try it again at a later date. Please send in your comments and we will discuss it at the next meeting. Enjoy your Father’s day with family and once again from the bottom of my heart and I believe I can say from the community as well, “Thank You” again for your labor of love and your commitment – “You Rock!!!”

    38th & Chicago Corridor

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    Click here or on the image to check out our new addition to the 38th & Chicago corridor. It is a wonderful article about City Food Studio. Let’s congratulate Journey on a successful Open House – It was wonderful and the food was delicious. Congratulations Journey!!!!! Thanks for being part of the BA family! 


    38th Chicago - Minneapolis - Meeting

    Opens June 21st

    When: Saturday, June 21, 7-9 p.m.

    Artist Talk at 8 p.m.
    Ping-pong and karaoke from 9 – 11:00 p.m.

    Chinese-ness will preview new work from the project-in-progress. Wing recently returned from Guangzhou, China – his first trip to his family’s ancestral village and his first time photographing in China.

    The Third Place Gallery
    3730 Chicago Avenue, Studio B

    * For a list of properties available for lease or purchase in the area, please feel free to contact us

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