• Now Hiring for a Coordinate Arts Based Pop-up Projects

    The 38th and Chicago Business Association is looking to hire a contractor to coordinate arts based pop-up projects.

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    38th and Chicago Creative POP-UP Coordinator

    38th and Chicago Creative POP-UP Coordinator
    Independent Contractor
    38th & Chicago Business Association
    December 15, 2014 – July 31, 2015 (Not to Exceed 140 Hours)

    The 38th & Chicago Business Association seeks a dynamic, creative individual to manage its Creative POP- UP project. Ideal candidates will have demonstrable experience with successful project management, arts and/or community-based initiatives and event promotion.

    Project Goals include: Increasing traffic to vacant or surplus spaces to build interest in the 38th and Chicago Arts District as an appealing location for commercial or nonprofit development; promoting local artists; and serving as a welcome ambassador for artists, developers and visitors.

    The Coordinator Position will manage two-three Pop-Up projects, including securing locations, supporting artists and arts projects, event promotion and marketing, project budget management and follow-up. The activities will begin December 2014, and be completed in conjunction with the annual 38th and Chicago BBQ and Music Festival the summer of 2015. The Coordinator Position reports to the 38th & Chicago Business Association.


    • -  Coordinate with the 38th and Chicago BA and the four neighborhood organizations representing Bryant, Bancroft, Central, and Powderhorn Park neighborhoods.
    • -  Manage the 38th & Chicago Creative Pop Up Project, including;

    o Serve as the liaison between the artists, property owners, the City of Minneapolis, and

    the business association for the term of the project.
    o Secure vacant/surplus spaces for pop-up activities.
    o Outreach to diverse pool of neighborhood artists.
    o Manage selection/curation process for pop-up artists.
    o Support artist pop-up projects.
    o Promote and market pop-up events, with the focus of inviting private, public and

    nonprofit developers and potential new businesses.
    o Manage project budget, check requests, artist stipends, etc.
    o Secure additional resources, supplies, or in-kind support.
    o Final project report to the business association and City of Minneapolis.

    – As directed, attend or submit written reports for the business association’s monthly meetings.


    Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

    • -  Knowledge of public and community-based arts initiatives and the ability to developmentappropriate programs, activities in relation the goals of the stakeholders.
    • -  Ability to organize and manage a project, establish clear timeline and objectives.
    • -  Experience promoting/marketing events and activities. Proven track record in high eventattendance.
    • -  Knowledge of or experience in the arts.
    • -  Entrepreneurial experience and/or mindset.
    • -  Produce deliverables on time as agreed upon in scope of services.
    • -  Ability to work effectively with and across diverse community stakeholders.
    • -  Effective verbal and written communication skills.Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
    • -  Connections to artists of diverse disciplines in the four neighborhoods.
    • -  Knowledge (or the ability to quickly learn) of community resources.
    • -  Bi-lingual, Proficiency in Spanish.TERMS:
    • -  This is a contracted position and is paid a set fee of $3,500 and not to exceed 140 hours of work.
    • -  Contract is paid in three installments based on the completion of contract services ordeliverables as agreed upon by the parties.
    • -  The Coordinator Position reports directly to the 38th and Chicago Business Association.CONTACT:If you have questions please contact Mike Hoyt (612) 787-3655.

      To apply submit the following to hoytm@puc-mn.org by November 26, 2014

    •   One-page cover letter stating your interests and qualifications.
    •   Resume no longer than 2 pages.
    •   Three references and their contact information.

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